Uusi kirja: Escaping as Usual: Rethinking Strategy


Ram B. Baliga / Timo Santalainen

As volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity increase, current approaches to crafting strategy are of limited value. The book lays out challenges facing strategists of both profit and not-for profit organizations and presents new approaches to deal with these. Open strategizing, developing innovative strategies and business models, and learning from outliers are detailed. The benefits of ambidexterity and creating an ambidextrous context are presented along with approaches to dissolving silos, which act as major obstacles to maintaining performance and viability. Organizational and strategic leadership issues that enable the continuous regeneration of strategies and business models to ensure viability are also detailed. Numerous illustrations from both developed and developing countries are presented to illustrate how the concepts and frameworks presented can be applied to the changing reality.


Kirja ilmestyy toukokuussa 2016.  SSJS:n jäsenille tarjous jäsenviestissä 6.5.2016.