Uusi kirja: Strategy into Action: People Create the Change


The purpose of the book is to stimulate strategy execution as a brave collective expedition of the organization. In a constantly
changing environment this is one of the biggest challenges of the company executives. The vision and the plans are not visible
in the daily activities of the people. New skill are needed to achieve results with the strategy.

The book is meant to everyone with an active role in the strategy. It is useful for managing directors, business unit heads and
executive teams who pursue challenging goals mobilising the whole organization. It also serves managers and specialists
who dare take an active role and expose themselves as active actors in the strategy.

The authors of the book, all SSJS members, are Leena Masalin, Hasse Kvist, Anneli Valpola, Kenny Niutanen, Riitta Kalin,
Lea Lillkåll and Jussi Heimonen.


Samat kirjoittajat julkaisivat 2010 kirjan ’Strategia toimeksi – muutosvoimana ihmiset’.

Tilausohjeet SSJS:n jäsenkirjeessä 11.4.2013.